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Understanding Hypnosis - Phobias, Fears, and Bad Habits


Product Information

In this book, I explain what hypnosis is, how it works, and what can be done with it. Here are some of the topics I cover:

1. Hypnotherapy Basics

2. Changing Bad Habits

3. Feeling Good

4. Physical Aliments

5. Past Life Regression

6. All About Phobias

This book is in a easy to read format. You will better understand hypnosis, and learn about bad habits, issues, fears, and phobias. You will learn how to control your problems through hypnosis. You will learn how to feel better and be a better you. I have packed this book with a lot of useful information, and I know you will enjoy it's content. Hypnosis is not black magic, we just give you life changing suggestions. You decide to accept them or not. We do not take over your body or mind. You are aware of everything that is said. Take charge of yourself today. Feel better, and feel healthy starting right now!

About the author: Mike Valmar is a certified hypnotist, with a love for people. Mike has always been a "people person" and has always worked to help others, even as a young child. Mike has thirteen years in the fire department, and has worked as a EMT, and certified instructor. Hypnosis has helped him control his tremors, quit smoking, and resolved all of his sleeping issues. Owner of Advanced Hypnosis Centers, here in central Florida. We always strive for the best in client care, and offer one on one sessions, seminars, comedy hypnosis show, and a no cost fundraiser program.

Product Code: UNDCRG5G33

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